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Logic for Fun: Group Registration

Complete this form if you wish to register a group of users. After you submit the form, we will send email to the address you specify, confirming that the group account has been created. This mail will direct you to the contract which you need to download, sign and return to us by post or fax before the account can be activated.

If you do not wish to administer a group of users, but rather wish to use the site as a single user or as a member of a group, this is not the right form for you. You should complete a different form instead.

The "group superuser" will be the person who has the right to determine the list of group members and to monitor their use of the account. The "person or organization responsible" for the group will be the one who gets the bill.

Text on this form is case-sensitive and uses a restricted character set.

Sending this form does not commit you to anything. It is an expression of interest, not a contract.

Proposed name of group

Proposed group
superuser login name

Proposed password

Re-enter password

Email address

First Name



Address (2)





Phone number

Fax number

Number of users initially in the group.
(approximate figure will do)

NOTE: We do not deal in spam. We guarantee unconditionally not to pass your name to any mailing list, and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that you receive no advertising material or other unsolicited mail from third parties as a result of using this site.

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