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Logic for Fun: Group User Registration

Complete this form if you are a member of a registered group (e.g. a group of students doing a particular course) and wish to register as an individual user. You will need to know the group name. It is the responsibility of the organiser of the group (e.g. the person teaching the course) to provide you with this information.

If you are not a member of a group but wish to use the site as a single user, this is not the right form for you. You should complete a different form instead.

The name you give here in the box marked "proposed login name" is the one you will give every time you use the site, whenever you are prompted for a "username" or your "User ID" or the like. It need not be the same as your full name.

Note that the "full name" given in the second box below must match one of the names in the list of group members provided to us by the group organiser. If you get an error message saying there is no such user as you, recorded in the specified group, it's probably because the order or number of names you entered is incorrect. (Note that whitespace is ignored during this match).

Text on this form is case-sensitive and uses a restricted character set.

You need to specify a password. Almost any string of typable characters will do -- it is best to choose one of around 6 to 10 characters. You will have to give the password every time you log in, so choose one you can easily remember.

If you forget you password, we can disable your account until you re-register and give yourself a new one.

Name of the group

Your full name

Email Address

Proposed login name

Proposed password

Re-enter password

NOTE: We do not deal in spam. We guarantee unconditionally not to pass your name to any mailing list, and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that you receive no advertising material or other unsolicited mail from third parties as a result of using this site.

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