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Logic for Fun

Matthias Fuchs
A logician.

Welcome to "Logic for Fun". If this is your first visit, you should start by reading the opening pages of the guide. This explains how to encode problems, how to run the solver and many details of the language for expressing all this.

If you have been here before and already done your homework, you should go straight to the puzzles and start solving!

Direct access to the solver is provided via the button below, in case you want to type in your own puzzles rather than reading them from the puzzle pages.

Tobias Nipkow
A logician.

The solver and these pages were written by John Slaney to whom comments, complaints, reports of difficulties and offers of large sums of money should be addressed.

The software is reasonably idiot-proof. However, like all programs of similar size and complexity, it probably still contains the odd bug. If you are lucky enough to find one, feel free to report it.

You may have forgotton who you are, or you may wish to be reminded of how many runs of the solver you have left in your quota, or the date when your account is due to expire. To find out the answers to these and other vital questions, press the "ABOUT ME" button below.

If you are getting incomprehensible error messages, can't make the system behave no matter how you try, have exhausted normal avenues of interaction such as kicking your computer, becoming a monk, etc. and need to appeal to the ultimate source of wisdom on matters of logic puzzling, your best remaining option is to "ask John". This is by no means guaranteed to work, but, well, there's no harm in asking, is there?

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