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What it's about

The title "Logic for Fun" pretty well sums up this site. It contains logical puzzles, some but by no means all of the "what was the driver's name" variety, together with a guide explaining how to express the puzzles in a clear and simple way so that you can get the computer to solve them automatically.

Why would you do that? Well, apart from the enjoyment factor (and it is quite enjoyable) you learn things. The challenge lies not in solving the problems - after all, the computer does that for you - but in expressing them precisely in the language needed for their logical solution. Whether you think of this as a declarative programming language or just as first order logic without all the special notation, it's a good thing to learn.

That said, you won't find here many technical definitions and such, and you won't find any prescribed course, exam sheets of anything of the sort. It really is all for fun. What you may learn here is compatible with whatever else you may be studying, but won't replace it.

You will notice that these pages are very plain. This is because you come here to work and play with logical puzzles, not to be distracted by backgrounds, irritated by animations, bored by badly-scanned images or otherwise made to wish your browser could load the pages faster. Part of the design philosophy has been to opt for simplicity and efficiency. I hope you like that.

Terms of use

The full terms and conditions of use are set out on the form signed by the person registering a group, or registering as an individual. All users should note the following points:

  • Accounts are activated upon receipt of the fee. Users of an active account may register at any time, and have unlimited access to the site for one year, with a maximum of 1000 runs of the solver during that time. There are no hidden fees or charges.

  • While we cannot absolutely guarantee that our site will be immune to virus attacks etc, we do pledge not to send you advertising material or other unsolicited mail beyond what is involved in operating the account, and to take all reasonable steps to avoid being party to your address reaching any mailing lists.

  • Everything on this site is covered by copyright. Storing and printing of the pages for your own private use or for educational purposes internal to a course which is registered as a "group" is permitted. Any other copying or distribution of the material is a breach of copyright unless express permission has been obtained in advance from the Australian National University. For more information, click here .

  • This site is part of a university. While using it, you are expected to behave appropriately. Attempting to crash the web server, annoying other users and suchlike are not funny and we reserve the right to cancel the registration of any user found to be acting in such a manner.

  • Users must not gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to information stored on any of the Australian National University's computers. Breach of this condition is a criminal offence.

Price list

There are two fee schedules: one for individual accounts and one for groups.

Fee per
Minimum Payable
A Single user AUD 20.00 in advance
B Group CLICK AUD 30.00 in advance

Formerly, there was another option for groups to pay a flat fee of AUD 10.00 per head in arrears. This option is no longer available.

Fees are in Australian dollars. Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% is included in the price.

For groups, we are usually prepared to quote a price in your local currency rather than in Australian dollars. Please ask for details at the same time as registering your group.

Individual accounts are valid for one year from the date of activation. Group accounts remain valid indefinitely until you tell us otherwise. A list of group members is maintained by the group organiser, and anyone whose name is on the list may register as a user at any time.

Under Schedule B, an amount is paid in advance for an estimated number of users, and then names up to that number may be added at any subsequent time. The account may be "topped up" with further payments at any time.

Each user is entitled to run the solver up to 1000 times in the 12 months following registration. This is more than enough for the average student to complete the puzzles (and for users in a group this prices solutions (in US currency) at under a dime a dozen).

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